FMS (Facility management Solution)

Mind Explorer Technology

Facilities Management is the provision and management of IT Professionals & resources, physical environment and business support services to complement the strategic and operational objectives of an organization, integrating key functions like processes and technologies with people, with the flexibility for future IT integration...

What we offer

Property Management Services, Integrated Facilities Management Services, Hard Services, Soft Services, Business Support Services, IT Support Services, Specialized Services and Security Services

Our Vision:

To achieve sustainable market leadership through consistent delivery of world class services perfectly aligning people with processes and technology.To attain 'Preferred Employer' status through upholding human values.

Our Mission:

Create & sustain a brand focused organization through 'Employee Engagement' & 'Process Excellence' & stay ahead of competition through innovation & adaptability to the growing needs of our clients.

Our Values:

Uncompromising commitment to excellence in service delivery.

Our Services :

1. IT Operation and Network Maintenance

2. Business Support Service

3. Security Services

4. Mailroom Management

5. Specialized Services

6. Repair and Maintenance

7. Moves, Adds and Changes

8. Vendor Management - includes 3rd party vendor management, reimbursable services etc

9. Mailroom Management.

Other Businesses:

From critical facilities and corporate headquarters, to industrial, manufacturing and R&D sites, Global Facilities Management Team is dedicated to providing the safest and most efficient and cost-effective work environments.

That is why some of the largest and most successful corporations in the world entrust the IT management and Network operation of their facilities to us.

Mind Explorer Technology Facilities Management professionals employ best practices to create and maintain the delivery of superior Facilities Management (FM) services. Mind Explorer Technology acts as an extension of our client's organization to add value based upon our personnel's expertise and industry knowledge, and the use of cutting-edge technology.

We will work with you to understand your operating philosophy and how each facility aligns with your company's overall business.Our services will increase operational efficiencies across your entire portfolio.

Our platform covers the full range of Facilities Management services which typically include but are not limited to:

1. critical systems management

2. Critical Network Operations

3. IT proactive approach / predictive maintenance

4. Staff optimization and development

5. Vendor management

6. Annual maintenance contract administration

7. Business support services

8. Security services

9. Helpdesk and front office

10. Consulting services

11. Adding Value - The Advantages Of Our Approach

We provide the day-to-day delivery of services, allowing you to focus on the strategic areas affecting your firm's core business. We add value through:

Our people

Our cross-functional teams provide you with direct access to the most highly qualified, trained professionals in the industry, with specialised expertise in various areas of Facilities Management including IT Management and Network Procurement.

Cost savings

We will help you achieve your financial goals by identifying the specific facilities and expense categories that yield the greatest cost savings.


Our advanced technology platform will help you reduce costs, increase efficiency and responsiveness, and provide 24/7/365 access to track and monitor your portfolio.

Procurement programs

Our programs leverage our India portfolio to achieve better-than-market rates for facility management-related goods and services.

Experience and Resources

Facilities Management is a core business of Mind Explorer Technology Private Limited. We provide these services globally, for all industries and asset types, through more than 50 professionals and onsite employees.