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What you can expect

At MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY, we assure you that the enterprise IT team drives the convergence of technology with business driven outcomes which is delivered through an integrated service delivery model. We empower our customers with the flexibility to meet changing business demands, enable them to leverage industry wide Data Center technology trends (such as SMAC, Automation and Software defined anything), and more importantly help them go beyond than just keeping the lights on.
Our vTransform excellence team delivers continuous IT value by driving innovation and continuous service improvement and systematic improvement plans. With our standardized global delivery processes and IP's, you accelerate implementation time, realize quicker return on investments (ROI), and achieve desired business goals.
MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY's customer aligned NGDC services offers solutions based on disruptive technology, flexible commercial models & global delivery models to meet business case objectives across industries

Value to Business


Value to End Users


Value to IT

* Organization wide competency in providing DC and Cloud transition, migration, consulting, system integration & operations services to customers across the globe.

* Build a service oriented, future-ready IT infrastructure

* Implement Hybrid cloud infrastructure


* Greater agility to deliver business services that are more automated and responsive than ever

* Strong automation and process frameworks

* Certified and tested reference architecture based solutions


* Reduced Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) and improved operational excellence

* Software defined and controlled infrastructure

* Service based process & integration


IT that powers the 21st Century Data Center

MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY's vision of the 21st Century Enterprise encompass a modern data center for your organization and includes data center infrastructure services that are service-oriented. We help our customers adopt best-in-class next-generation Hybrid data center architectures with strong IT Service Management process automation and service orchestration at its core. This enables enterprises to be agile and IT to be free to create united experiences for its users.

MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY Next Generation Data Center and Cloud services

MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY has helped multiple complex, global data center migrations successfully and currently we manage servers globally with best in class uptimes and customer satisfaction scores that have become the envy of the industry. MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY delivers a broad range of services across the data Center management portfolio which includes:

What Enterprises Can Expect

MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY's customer aligned NGDC services offers solutions based on disruptive technology, flexible commercial models & global delivery models to meet business case objectives across industries

MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY's Solutions for 21st CE Enterprise


MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY Enterprise MCOD stands for MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY Enterprise Managed Compute on Demand. It is the MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY Cloud services offering that encompasses the underlying Cloud fabric, Cloud orchestration layer and the entire breadth of MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY managed services. MCOD is architected and designed specifically to meet the requirements of the enterprises that emphasize on Hyperscale Cloud Providers for their workload deployments, as it fulfils the required security needs and helps adhere to every compliance requirements.


RECOVERNXT CLOUD is a fully automated DR on Cloud solution for x86 physical and virtual workloads. By leveraging the power of Cloud, MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY offers RECOVERNXT CLOUD on a pay-as-you use model, whereby a customer pays only for the DR instances at the time of actual DR or DR Drill. This gives tremendous flexibility to the customer to upscale and downscale its infrastructure and save big on licensing as well. RECOVERNXT is the only solution which creates single click disaster recovery and has the integrated backup capability that eliminates the need for expensive backup solutions.


BackupNXT is fully automated BACKUP on Cloud solution which leverages the power of deduplication, compression, encryption and WAN optimization in consonance with Public Cloud as the target storage. It is designed, architected to ensure that it seamlessly integrates the on-premise backup infrastructure setup to Cloud. Aimed to reduce the administrative overhead, discovery and restore cycle, storage footprint in legacy estate etc., this solution is intended to help align the backup strategy for the customers with MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY's blueprint for the Enterprise of Future.


ROBOace offers to reduce the overall infrastructure footprints scattered unevenly across the globe, and provide centralized management of the resources. This solution provides end-to-end management of ROBO sites covering every track therein - applications, infrastructure, security and network. Depending upon nature of applications, it proposes deployment over cloud (SaaS/PaaS/IaaS), site consolidation (many-to-one), and modernization of infrastructure for local applications.


MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY's Cloud Assessment and Readiness Tool (CART) enable organizations to assess their "Cloud-readiness" using a powerful self-driven analysis. With CART 2.0, MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY simplifies cloud readiness with powerful new capabilities like advance visualization features, dependency mapping and building a better business case on cloud for customers. Enterprises tasked with steering their business through cloud migration can leverage CART2.0 for a fully automated performance and migration assessment with meaningful data to successfully size, scale, price, deploy and validate IaaS solutions based on their current infrastructure.

MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY MyCloud - A one stop solution to effectively run and manage your Hybrid Cloud infrastructure.

MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY MyCloud is an easy to use, web based infrastructure management solution. It provides organizations with a slick interface to effectively manage and control their hybrid Cloud infrastructure. It enables organizations to achieve improved service levels, increased availability and reduced IT cost. Apart from these benefits they also gain increased visibility and control over the underlying cloud infrastructure.

Data Center and Cloud Automation: DRY ICE

DRYICE is the name of MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY's Automation and Orchestration platform. MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY DRYICE comprises of Automation & Orchestration bonded as a single service which enables the 21st Century Enterprise to be "Agile as a startup" while delivering like a "lean enterprise". Components of DRYICE can be applied to achieve automated distribution and optimization of workloads in a Hybrid Data Center environment. It can also help one achieve automated event resolution based on predictive analytics.


MIND EXPLORER TECHNOLOGY's SDI Innovation Garage is an on-demand suite of lab services that offers enterprises streamlined processes and an overall ecosystem for technology evaluation with accessible environments, proven architectures and subject matter experts. This state of the art facility at Chennai has first of its kind and purpose-built SDI (Software defined Infrastructure) Lab and availability of fully equipped hyperconverged infrastructure systems. Accessible over the internet, the SDI innovation garage offers integrated suite of lab services which can shorten proof of concept time from months to weeks.