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Outsourcing :

As your business goes on full steam, you really cannot afford downtime. Crashed servers, blue screen desktops, crawling networks, vanished data-all these do become a part of life, but should it make your business come to a standstill?
Certainly not. Progression offers a range of support services that ensure your business continues at its pace.

Annual Maintenance Service

Progression's dedicated team of IT experts take care of the smooth functioning of all your IT resources, from data centers to networks, from servers to storage, from desktops to connectivity.

Facility Management Service

Your company runs critical applications to ensure business runs like clockwork. However for1 that to happen, applications need to run like clockwork, and so do the IT infrastructure supporting them. That's what Progression ensures with the Facility Management Service. On-site engineers backed by a team of remote experts, ensure quick recovery from any system failure, and coordinate and follow-up with third party vendors / service providers for equipment under warranty. Progression's objective is to ensure that the business sees as little downtime as possible.

Breakfix Services

Progression can offer support, remotely and on site, if there is a breakdown of any sorts with IT infrastructure. All these services can be customized to your needs, and the service levels your business demands. Progression offers remote monitoring and resolution, 24 X 7 support, and on-site support to its customers.