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Unlike approximation technologies such as cards, keys, key fobs, passwords and PINs, biometric access control relies on the true identity of people, eliminating the risk of lost, stolen, forgotten or shared credentials. While biometric access control has typically has been difficult to implement, our solutions help the enterprise to overcome the 3 main obstacles to the adoption of biometric technology: Cost, complexity and on-boarding new users.

Our identity management platform, Biometrics enables biometric readers to be easily integrated with leading global access control systems (full list below). Biometrics manages biometric credentials that must be passed back and forth between devices, applications and systems for verification all from one central platform.

We Mind Explorer Technology

Mind Explorer Technology Pvt Ltd. is a Delhi (INDIA) based Company. Mind Explorer Technology provides world class Biometrics & Access management Solutions. We have installed various setups to our reputed clients. We have also integrated Biometrics machines with Centralized Server. MET is in the vanguards of developing security solutions for various Industries. MET started operations in 2015 with servicing and installation of electronic authentication devices and custom made electronics products. Its entry was marked by SENTRY HARDWARE LOCK, a software piracy prevention device, which provided to be a major success, and boon to the emerging software industry, thereby emerging as the flagship brand.

Encouraged by the early success, the company went on to develop an entire range of software protection devices with different applications. After the success of its critically acclaimed Sentry hardware lock, MET has forayed into the revolutionary field of biometrics. Since 2015, WYSE entered in the field of Biometrics and launched India's first indigenously developed fingerprint reader, and since then MET is actively working in development of innovative and cost effective products.

With a team of more than 15 engineers, MET continues to make large investments in R & D to refine our technology and develop new biometric products and solutions. This dedication to excellence in R & D allowed the company to acquire and claim excellent reputation for reliability and customer support.

We have earned invaluable experience in these real life projects under Indian and foreign working environment, which made a considerable impact on the quality and reliability of its core hardware technology and software algorithms.

Our products are deployed all over India and are being exported to African and Middle East countries. We have very reputed Corporate, Government and Defense clients, as our prime customers.

Biomatric System Identity management platform is the first of it's kind. It was developed to fully consider the future of biometric technologies and it's foundation in the physical access control space is what makes it truly unique. By installing biometric access control systems today with Biometrics System, you will prepare your enterprise or customer for all future applications that support rightful identity and eliminate the need for keys, cards, PINs and passwords.

1. Manage user's rightful identity (not cards or keys)

2. Benefit from a developed product roadmap

3. Integrate biometrics with leading access control systems

4. Control & manage all access points (both standard & biometric)

5. Synchronize biometric/user/card information with Suprema readers

6. Enroll fingerprints/face to any user who is in current system

Mind Explorer Technology Private Limited provides our partners and customers with integrated biometric fingerprint solutions in the Identity Access Management market. BIO-key works with the leading IAM and SSO vendors to deliver strong authentication solutions utilizing our patented finger print biometric software, including partnerships with IBM, CA Technologies. MET solutions provide the support of our NIST highly rated algorithm and support of interoperability from any environment and any device in a single interconnected environment.

MET delivers both Web- and Cloud-based applications to IAM partners, supporting solutions such as critical online commerce, collaborations, transactions and other enterprise applications. These fundamental solutions are put in place to secure interactions by authenticating or identifying the person, not the device, in order to provide an absolute positive identification.

MET also provides consultation and strategy services, design and implement services, as well as managed services that leverage MET's biometric technologies, security professionals, and global support center. We help develop tailored security solutions, specifically designed to meet the requirements of your business and security objectives.

MET offers a comprehensive portfolio of identity and access management partners and solutions, so you can work with one trusted provider for all your biometric authentication needs. Our solutions cover virtually every aspect of identity and access management, including user provisioning, web access management, enterprise single sign-on, multi-factor authentication, and user activity compliance management.

Integrated Solutions for Biometric Authentication

* Integrated Single Sign-On solutions with fingerprint authentication.

* Increased security with fingerprint authentication - no password to be stolen or shared.

* Superior user convenience - no keyboard entry of password and user ID.

* Improved user productivity - no downtime from forgotten passwords.

* Reduced operating costs decrease help desk calls.

* Flexibility of using two- factor authentication.

* Secure the BYOD or SYOD environment.

* Integrated with IAFIS and PIV Certified Fingerprint Readers.

* FFIEC, HIPPA, PCI and SOX Compliance.

* Strong authentication and improved accuracy.

* Fingerprint reader independence - 40+ finger scanners.

* How do customers monetize the value of Mind Explorer Technology ?

Integrated Solutions for Biometric Authentication

Using MET's fingerprint biometrics, organizations are able to find the optimum balance between security and convenience. Fingerprint biometric authentication provides measurable operational savings from both the administration and workflow perspective. Customers also realize additional benefits such as:

Users no longer need to update or memorize passwords, make calls to the help desk for password support or reset, nor experience downtime to wait for resolution. Therefore, users and support staff can be more productive.

Unlike other strong authentication methods, such as smart cards, purchase and distribution of credentials are not necessary. And METís fingerprint authentication eliminates the ongoing administrative cost and inconvenience of replacing damaged, lost, or stolen credentials. One fingerprint reader per machine is less expensive than providing a separate smart card or other token to every user.

Unlike other biometrics technologies, such as facial and iris recognition, no expensive equipment is required for image capture.

Flexible deployment options can add to potential cost savings. The ability to work in different environments, along with the ability to work with multitude of sensors, can provide the users with potential cost savings.

Support lean organizational workflow by eliminating unnecessary administrative processes.